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Epic Warfare

Journey of a Legend

With thousands of players on the server, events are truly epic. Grand confederacies rise to world domination and turn into nothing but ashes. Alliance feuds play out over months, while dramatic showdowns and betrayals constantly change the course of history. Each new round is loaded with surprises. At the same time, its longevity gives you the chance to craft a profound strategy. Prove yourself against the finest adversaries and earn your place on the throne.


Bold Beginnings

Raise your first village. Raid your neighbors and use their resources to develop a flourishing city and a menacing army. No need to be humble.


Stay in Control

Keep your friends close and your enemies down. Regularly run down your surroundings to scotch any threats. Found an alliance with people worthy of your trust.


Grow your Biceps

Expand your territory and build a regional powerhouse. Throw on all engines to produce a mighty army capable of conquering an artifact.


Endless Treasures

Destroy the Natars guarding the artifact and take it home. Display it in your treasury, safe but visible to all. It's more than a symbol of power. It is power itself.


Time for Conquest

Use your artifact’s powerful effect and support your alliance in your quest to dominion. Throw everything you have into protecting your assets.


Write History

The epic showdown. With adrenaline at an all-time high, erect a Wonder of the World with your alliance, defend it until death and halt the enemies' attempts at building their own.