Game Rules

The game rules form part of the Terms & Conditions. In the event of a ban or in order to check what is allowed and what is not, you should also consult the Terms & Conditions, especially Section §6.

An attempt to circumvent the game rules, to encourage another player to violate the game rules or to gain an advantage from a rule violation will be treated as a violation and punished accordingly in proportion to the violation and to the discretion of Travian: Legends’ team. All game rules still apply to players who wish to delete their Lobby account or avatar or are in the process of deleting their Lobby account or avatar. 

§ 1. Avatar

  • § 1.1.a Each player may only own and play one avatar per game world.  

  • § 1.1.b An avatar must always be played for its benefit or its confederacy’s benefit. Avatars that exist for the benefit of an avatar outside the same alliance or confederacy may be permanently banned and deleted. Avatars that benefit from avatars that existed for their benefit may be severely punished. 

    The disallowed behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following actions: 

    • Private farming - raiding avatars outside of the raider's confederacy that allow themselves to be raided by a specific player or multiple players from the confederacy. This does not affect the usual farming where inactive players are raided by multiple confederacies. 

    • Building villages for the purpose of being conquered by other players outside of their own confederacy. 

  • § 1.2 The owner of a Lobby account and an avatar is the person whose email address is associated with the Lobby account.  In cases of reasonable doubt, the player may be asked to write an email to Support from the registered email address of the Lobby account to verify that the player is the Lobby account owner. No member of Travian: Legends staff will ever ask for your password. 
  • § 1.3.a Sharing the Lobby account password is not permitted, including the case of "duals" – when the avatar is played by two or more players. Duals must be added in the Lobby for specific gameworlds, and they have to log in to their own Lobby account to access the avatar they were assigned to as a dual. 

    Travian Games GmbH does not compensate a Lobby account owner for any damages incurred to the Lobby account or avatars by someone who has obtained the password. 
  • § 1.3.b If a player wishes to move from one avatar to another or create a new one, then the old avatar has to be deleted before access is granted to the new avatar or the new avatar is created. 
  • § 1.4 If inactive, an avatar shall be automatically deleted no earlier than seven days after the last login. 
  • § 1.5 Referrals - In the event the referral system is abused (such as by creating several avatars violating §1.1), both the referrals and the referrer may be held responsible and punished. 
  • § 1.6 Abuse of the payment and ban systems can lead to avatar deletion without the possibility to appeal. 
  • § 1.7 Abuse of the game design, which is considered by Customer Service as disruptive to the gaming experience of others, can be penalized. 
  • § 1.8 “Specials” offers, like the Gold Starter Pack, are excluded from Gold Transfer. This provision supersedes 2.6 of the T&C.

§ 2. Sitting an avatar

  • § 2.1 Each player can set up sitters who may look after the avatar. The sitter of an avatar must sit the avatar using the in-game avatar sitting function. The Lobby account password may not be given to a sitter. Abuse of sitter rights is prohibited.
  • § 2.2 Travian Games GmbH does not offer compensation for damages incurred by a sitter. The Lobby account owner is fully responsible for the actions of any sitters on their avatar. Should a sitter violate the rules or Terms & Conditions of Travian: Legends, both the Lobby account owner and the sitter may be punished.

§ 3. Use of external programs

Travian: Legends must be played using a conventional and unmodified browser. The use of scripts and/or bots to automate actions on the avatar or to resemble premium features is forbidden. 

This includes but is not limited to the following actions:

  • Raiding other avatars automatically (and sending attack waves automatically) 
  • Starting adventures automatically 
  • Building and upgrading resource fields and buildings in villages automatically 
  • Scanning the map automatically 
  • Scanning the statistics of other players automatically 
  • Pushing resources to other avatars automatically 
  • Training troops automatically 
  • Placing bids in auctions for items automatically 
  • Starting celebrations automatically 
  • Scanning own villages to display village resources and information in one place 
  • Any other automated actions performed by third-party software 

Travian Games reserves the right to penalize players who use a script or bot to automate actions permanently or for a limited amount of time while the game world is active. 

§ 4. Program errors / bugs

Errors or bugs or the like in the game may not be abused to an avatar’s benefit and should be reported to the support team. The abuse of any error or bug is also punishable. 

§ 5. Selling/buying game content

Selling or buying services from third parties, a Lobby account, an avatar, resources, units, villages, Gold, or silver is forbidden. The offer to sell or buy game content for money is also forbidden.  Lobby accounts and avatars may not be given away in exchange for money. 

§6. Netiquette

  • § 6.1 Players must always communicate in a polite manner.
  • § 6.2 Inappropriate profiles, village names or any other content may be edited by Customer Service without warning. Alliances with inappropriate names and/or content in their profile, public forum and any other public areas may be deleted on sight.
  • § 6.3 The following conduct is strictly forbidden: Abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; adverse behavior toward any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation; real-life threats; impersonating Travian: Legends staff or official positions within the company.
  • § 6.4 The game is to be kept free of real-world politics and religion.
  • § 6.5 Posting and displaying material not suitable for minors is forbidden.
  • § 6.6 Messages within the game may only be published with the consent of both parties. Publishing messages or emails to or from Travian: Legends staff is forbidden, unless given explicit consent.
  • § 6.7 Advertisements of any kind are not permitted.
  • § 6.8 Any inappropriate content, which is considered by Customer Service as disruptive to the gaming experience of others, can be penalized.

§7. Punishments

  • §7.1 In the event of a violation of the game rules or the Terms & Conditions, an avatar will be banned and may be released with a punishment according to the violation that occurred. Inappropriate Lobby account and avatar names may be changed. Any losses during the time of a ban, including “Travian Plus” and Gold will not be reimbursed by Travian Games GmbH. Every player is treated equally, regardless of their Gold status.
  • § 7.2 A ban may only be discussed with the Customer Service team via the Customer Service portal.

    A ban and punishment is given by one member of the Rule Enforcement Team. In case of a complaint, the ban and punishment will be reviewed by another member from the Rule Enforcement Team. Their decision is final.

    The players accept that the Travian: Legends team cannot disclose the mechanisms used for detecting violations, as such mechanisms could be circumvented.

    Bans, deletions and their consequences are not to be publicly discussed. The Travian: Legends team does not disclose information about bans to persons other than the person(s) involved.

§ 8. Rule changes and correction clause

  • § 8.1 Travian Games GmbH reserves the right to change the rules at any time.
  • § 8.2 If individual regulations of the game rules become ineffective or void, the validity of the remaining regulations shall not be affected. Travian Games GmbH undertakes to replace ineffective regulations with new regulations as quickly as possible.
  • § 8.3 In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any of the other linguistic versions of this publication, the English language version shall prevail.


More detailed explanations of certain game rules can be found in the Game Rules FAQ