Friends and Foes

A True MMO Experience

You’re far from alone in Travian: Legends. The world is alive and ever-changing, thanks to a massive community interacting in alliances, trade and good old war. Each game round tells a different story. Collective conquests in the middle of the night, intrigues in every direction and friendships of steel.  Every move has an impact, every decision has a consequence. Settle closer to your friends – or go right towards the action.

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Long-Lasting Alliances

Travian provides plenty of opportunities for teamwork. Contact your neighbors, team up against common threats and end up making new friends. Learn from experienced mentors that guide you through the worlds until you become one yourself. Some alliances come together every server and have friendships extending beyond the game. Supporting each other and returning united from every setback creates bonds with amazing memories.

Tournaments and Specials

It's hard to get bored in Travian: Legends. Every year a special version comes out that takes a fresh spin on the Travian classic. The epic journey currently continues through Europe, with Gauls, Romans and Teutons battling to control its regions. Yearly tournaments give you the chance to prove yourself against the best players in the world. You can obtain plenty of prizes and everlasting fame.

Forum and Events

Join a community of lots of enthusiastic, like-minded people. The forum is a great place for getting advice, discussing strategies, finding allies for the next game or just a bit of banter. Look out for events hosted by Travian Games. Events, like the 10th birthday party, where players and developers met up in real life, exchanged stories and laughs, and played games until late into the night.

"A game driven by its community."