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Welcome to the ultimate league of multiplayer strategy gaming. Clash with the best players from around the world in legendary battles for glory and magnificent prizes. Join the ranks of our incredible community, competing every year and proving their skills and cunning on the battlefield. The Travian Tournament offers a unique challenge for veteran players to prove their skills, forge strong bonds and assert their dominance. Will you rise to the challenge?

TournamentStatus 2021


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Prove your skills in the qualifications and show that you are worthy to enter the tournament finals. The rules are simple: All five tribes. Two times the speed. Adapt to different play styles from around the world and compete in epic battles. For even more excitement, players have an additional chance to reach the finals via a very limited number of wildcards.


This is the big showdown where legends of heroism, betrayal and indestructible alliances are forged. Time for you and your allies to prove that all the practice and strategies pay off. Compete with the best players from around the world for awesome prizes and eternal fame. Whoever builds the first Wonder of the World to level 100 will emerge as the victor of the Travian Tournament.

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Travian: Legends Veterans

If you have considerable experience on the battlefields of Travian: Legends, then it's time to rise to the challenge. Pick your strongest allies, enter the tournament and write history together.

New to Travian: Legends

If you're new to the game, we recommend you hone your skills on a normal game world first. Gain first-hand experience on the battlefield, find loyal friends, and prove that next year you'll be ready to compete with the best.

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